We're on a roll!

By the start of October we had also agreed the design of the labelling for the bottles themselves (thanks to Paul the designer and Label apeel in Leicester for printing them so quickly!) and then resolved the folded tags which will denote what we’ve actually put in the bottles.  We took the decision really early on that we wanted the bottle to be as minimalistic as we possibly could.  There are so many really busy bottles with gimmicky designs and “war and peace” descriptions, none of which really reach out to us.  We aren’t a naval company, we have no links to pirates and we aren’t Caribbean – so we didn’t want our bottles trying to be any of these things.  We’re proudly British, have set our business up around our dog (and company mascot) and believe we make good rum – so we wanted that to come across in our branding. We wanted Gino on the bottle, and whatever else was required to be compliant with UK law, with the rest being included on a folded tag around the neck and we bloody love the result!  Let us know what you think.

This now gives us everything that we need to start bottling (with the minor exception of the fact that after a lot of deliberating to make sure we get the flavours right, only just receiving delivery of our spice ingredients for the spiced rum). So, “what have you decided to launch with” I hear you cry – well, were first launching our Silver, our Spiced and the pre-order of our experimental Sloe rum, inspired by mine and my dad’s historic love of Sloe Gin – which if google can be trusted, may very well be the first ever batch of sloe rum!  Not bad ey!?

Alongside making our rum collection, we had to think about how on earth we showcase it to the general public. I mean, friends and family have been a great help and willing taste testers but we want to know what YOU think. At the beginning of this year we always set out with the aim that would we be ready to launch this Winter with Christmas fairs and markets being the perfect opportunity to meet people and get our rum out there. Well no one thought something like Coronavirus would disrupt all our lives as much as it has done and trying to organise attendance at events this year has been, let's say.....stressful! Nevertheless Lauren has ensured we still have some planned and fingers crossed we will be there (Corona can do one now, I think we can all agree). Event organising and set up, again is something new to us so there is no doubt going to be some teething problems - we'll appreciate any feedback if you see us at any of the markets. Lauren's just excited to get back to our family's market trader roots, speaking and (hopefully) selling to lots of you!

And that concludes our 12 month build up from conception, right through to releasing our first bottles of rum.  It’s been a rollercoaster, it really. We do hope you like them.

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