Happy New Year!

I think we all must be feeling a sense of de ja vu or like we have gone back in time........a new year but another lockdown. Same old shit. Can you tell we are a bit fed up? We'd really like Corona to do one now. So most of us can get back to leading happy and healthy lives, see friends and families, our NHS strain can reduce, unsung shop workers can be cut some slack and small businesses can regain some confidence that their livelihood will survive this continued storm. Selfishly (or not), we'd like IT to do one so we can get out and talk to lots more lovely people about our rum! We had a taster of that leading up to Christmas and absolutely loved it (did I mention market traders run through my family?) It's just so nice to talk freely to someone about how we set up Lazydog, why we set up Lazydog, what our rums are like and gush over Gino! The feedback we received was such a boost for us and has given us motivation to push on into this year.

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, despite it probably being a bit different to the usual. Many would have received a bottle of our rum as a Christmas present and we do hope you're enjoying it - please let us know! Why not let us know if you're not enjoying it and we can see how we can improve. We are fairly thick skinned and just want to make rum that is loved! January always brings pressure of eating well, getting and drinking less, kudos to those who run with this ethos and smash it. Us, we go for continuing to do things that we love........Matt has a penchant for biscuits (any kind) and will not be cutting down on those anytime soon and I love cheese (a monthly cheese subscription from Matt was my christmas present) so I'm not giving that up anytime soon. Plus we both like trying out different ways to drink our rum, plus other craft spirits and beers that we won't be partaking in dry January. Well we may have less drinks in January, how's that? But we'll definitely make them good'ens.

That's why for January we are going to posting on our social media a weekly Lazydog cocktail that you can all try making at home. Now don't worry, Matt and I aren't mixologists or even ever worked in bar, so we aren't going to be suggesting some fancy pants cocktail that requires some obscure liqueur, that guaranteed will sit at the back of a cupboard for the rest of 2021. We want to give you some cocktails that will use ingredients that can be bought at the supermarket and only need equipment that you should already have in your house. Got a glass, spoon, ice? You'll be fine. Hopefully this will open up new ways to drink your Lazydog rum which you thought might have been too faffy or not even thought of at all! The posts for the first Lazydog cocktail are up now with the cocktail recipe going live this Friday. We'd love to see your creations! Think a lot of us will need a cocktail at the end of each during this lockdown!

Whilst I'm busy creating cocktail recipes and posts, I'm also trying to organise a lot of behind the scenes stuff for Lazydog including organising packaging along with lining up potential events (Corona permitting) and some other exciting new ventures we will hopefully get to share soon. We are also hoping to be stocked in some independent shops which will be incredible to see our Lazydog bottles sat on a shelf! Matt is busy back in the distillery. He's made some improvements to the distillery, including some new flooring and changed the layout - it looks great and we will give you an insight soon. He's also busy working on developing some new rums which is really exciting and what he loves to do most. We had some great suggestions for flavour combos from some of you recently and who knows, one of them might make the cut!

We hope that 2021 is a positive year for Lazydog and the support we have seen so far continues. We love doing this and although it's tough doing it alongside other jobs, looking after our daughter and making sure Gino is happy sleeping somewhere in the house (he will sleep anywhere), Oh and Coronavirus playing havoc, we don't want to stop doing it. Here's to 2021 where normality is regained at some point, we can hug our family and friends and share a glass of Lazydog rum or two.......

Oh and he's a picture of Gino looking like how a lot of us feel this January......

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