The Underdog Craft Rum Distillery

Living in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside, just a stones throw away from the home of Stilton Cheese and Melton Mowbray pork pies its tough not to be inspired to get creative and thats exactly what happened. Matt and Lauren Thompson, set up Lazydog in the image of their dog Gino (pictured right) to be a craft rum distillery with a stripped back, all in approach to spirits.  We painstakingly craft every bottle of Lazydog rum ourselves in our tiny Leicestershire distillery, and once we've finished making it, we label and seal it by hand - No machines, just late nights, coffee and sore thumbs to bring you an entirely British rum.

We've been documenting the inception of Lazydog since our first day of business, so if you want to get to know us a little better, our blog is updated frequently and documents almost every element of our setup from licenses and HMRC, through to the construction of our distillery.